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With over 20 years of brand building and business development experience, Strategist Heather Mercer-Turner has earned a reputation as "brand builder." She has a solid understanding of brand development; from brand positioning and management, creative direction and product development to marketing and communications. She has helped small businesses and large retail corporations build and grow successful brands. She has worked with some of Canada’s largest retailers, manufacturers, ad agencies and supplier partners around the world.  Heather has created a methodology for unveiling a brand’s distinctiveness and setting the stage for brand and product development.  She is a creative, conscientious and organized individual who is strategically minded yet detail oriented. Her key strengths include strategy development, project management, relationship building, communication and presentation skills.  Heather offers a concierge style service by working with a pool of creative experts based on your project needs to help your brand dreams become a reality.

Heather Mercer-Turner
Brand Strategist + Marketing Consultant

Every decision you make about your business shapes the direction of your brand. I have worn many "brand hats" over the years; Display and Merchandising Manager, Creative Director, Stylist, Trend Director, Strategist, Product Developer, Colour Forecaster, Brand Manager, Spokesperson, Marketing Director, Small Business Owner and every experience has taught me that having a clear brand plan is critical to your business success.  Just as in your personal life, you must have goals for your brand with a path leading you in the right direction. The one thing all businesses can afford, big or small, is to have a plan otherwise you are walking around in the dark ... and nobody likes that.


I help you navigate through the process. There are countless decisions to be made, and it all starts with defining your brand. Once you have a full understanding and vision for your brand, you can make decisions about everything from crafting your brand identity and employee culture, to branded signage, communications, and everything in between! What makes your business unique can earn you better profits and market share so it's important to dig deep to find and understand your differentiation.

A planner by nature, this innate strength has become the backbone of my career success.  I love to problem solve and am passionate about helping companies realize their brand dreams. My creativity, design and business development skills allow me to offer smart, savvy solutions to brand conundrums. I lend a fun and friendly, yet professional approach to my working style and enjoy leading clients through the discovery process.  I look forward to working with you on your customized project! 



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