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Let’s face it folks - it’s a crowded marketplace out there with loads of competition and consumers are choosier than ever. Additionally, countless brand choices and shopping channels are making it more difficult to get ahead of the pack.

We live in a time of immediate gratification but consumers still demand quality, leaving companies with quite a challenge when it comes to building a distinctive, stand-out brand. Be intentional. Have a strategy. Make your brand unique, relevant and meaningful to your target customer. This will put you on the path to success.


Here are just a few of the ways Mercer Street can help fuel your brand success.

Brand Education, Modelling & Positioning


Do you know what branding really means?  

We can teach you and your team in order to gain organizational consensus. We must define your brand before you develop and market your products or services.


Through a modelling process we will help you unveil your brand values, unique personality and brand promise - your Brand DNA. This the foundation upon which you will build your consistent and congruent product/service offering, marketing, communications and strong employee culture.


We will help you create a framework and guiding principles for your unique brand!


Brand Management

Once you understand your brand DNA, we will work to create your identity, product or service plan. 


Mercer Street will work with you to create standards, measurements and opportunities for all aspects of your brand and business. Building a long range brand architecture is also important so that you have a predetermined road map for brand growth.  


We can help you create specific tools customized to your business to keep everyone including your suppliers and partners on track.


Product Development and Sourcing

Product Development methodology is critical particularly for larger organizations with many brand decision makers.


We can coach and guide you through the best practices - from trend direction and competitive analysis to product planning and packaging considerations.


Brand Marketing

It’s time to spread your differentiated message and unique positioning!

We can help you tap into the best ways to reach your primary and secondary target audiences. We specialize in private brand marketing projects and love building Go-To-Market Strategies.


We love Special Projects!

Maybe you cannot slot your current challenge or predicament into the above categories. That’s okay. Special projects are our forte.

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