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B. Need some hand holding?

  • Are you moving into a new house and need a clear design plan?

  • Do you love shopping and want to be part of the decorating process but don't know where to start?

  • Do you want a professional looking design without the high price tag?

Maybe you need the Essentials Design Kit. I visit your home to assess your space. I build out your "room look," provide a list of furnishings and accents you will need and suggestions on where to buy it. Then you go shopping with your pals, armed with your kit and you are on your way to a space you will love! 

The "Essentials Design Kit" includes:

  1. A vision board - a visual storyboard that depicts the colours, fabrics, silhouettes, textures, inspiration images for your space. This is your "must have" tool when you go sourcing for furniture. Share this with your retail consultant and they will direct you towards the look you are after!

  2. Furniture & Accent Recommendations - a list of all the pieces you will need to purchase to complete your room.

  3. Sourcing List - where to find it with your specific budget in mind.  I will provide a few options at different price points.  

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