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Emerging Trends in Branding for 2019

The year 2018 has been quite interesting for branding executions with trends such as artificial intelligence, voice engagements, the emergence of chatbots, increase in video and the rising influence of Instagram.

These trends have been disrupting all industries and marketing teams are reconsidering their branding strategies. Here are a few upcoming trends that product and marketing teams should have top of mind:

Use of Physical & Digital Channels

Gone are the days when marketing teams focussed only on traditional marketing activities or even only on just digital marketing strategies. These practices on their own are no longer the way to reach your audiences. People are always online however they live in the physical world. Brand stories need to be shared using physical networks and in other formats that impact our daily lives. Brands must become creative and try to use a mix of both traditional and digital marketing giving them a better chance to reach people and get the message across using a variety of touch points. Think about a holistic approach for your brand - connecting with your audience on a variety of platforms. Omni-channel is the way to go.

"Brand Influencers" are the new PR team Using celebrities in branding to appeal to the masses, was once considered a savvy (and expensive) strategy. Brands need to watch for loyal customers who go above and beyond to support the brands they trust. Any brand that notices these influential personas and converts them into spokespeople, would help the brand reach audiences in a more authentic way. These brand influencers become brand ambassadors and can more easily convince the consumer compared to paid celebrity endorsements from people who have never used the brand.

Creative Content Creation will determine Leaders With the emergence of content marketing most brands have realized the importance of using content driven strategies. Brands that come up with creative content and can engage their consumers will find leadership in their space. Use of campaigns integrating different creative tactics focusing on engagement with your target audience will help you acquire more customers. Customers dictate and drive brands Most brands still have the assumption that they dictate the terms, that they are in the driver’s seat. In fact it is the customer that ultimately guides a brand. The customer’s vote is what counts. Companies need to embrace feedback, research, trends, technology and constantly be striving to innovate the product or service to stay relevant and meaningful to the customer and prospects. Brands should listen and understand what their customers are saying, what they are looking for and then plan everything accordingly. Sometimes brands need to reset and reinvent based on what the marketplace demands. Conclusion Make sure your organization always has their “brand eyes” wide open. The marketplace is always moving forward and you cannot stay still or you'll be left behind. Consider trends, assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. An annual brand check up is important and can help to attain better results.

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